Cycling the South downs Way
In 2013 Mark Bradley and I casually attempted to cycle the 100 miles of the South Downs way in two days.  We didn't see day two!  In 2017 we set off again with a little more prep and understanding of the route.  It was still tough... but brilliantly beautiful!  The coutryside wowed us with the views when our heads weren't angled down looking at the front wheel as we mercifully climbed yet more hills!  It's the equivalent of climbing Mt Snowdon three times! After 2 days and 23 hours in the saddle, we conquered our nemesis.  Hugely enjoyable if tough two days.  Take it on yourself! (But try and avoid the saddle sores!)

32nd Marathon des Sable 
Brutal.  That  is one of the words I would use to descibe the legendary 'toughest footrace in the world'.  In April 2017 I took part in this race and met some amazing people, pushed my body to the point of exhasution and did it all in the Sahara desert in 54 degree heat.  You are self sufficient for the race and must complete every stage within the time limit, eventually covering over a 150 miles in just six days!  It's breathtakingly beautiful but the course is there to test you to the limit.  I finished 445th out of 1200 which I am stoked about seeing as i'm not really a runner.  But more than that, I met and befriended some truly inspiring people along the way. People who would just not give in, even if every fibre in their body cried out for them to stop.  Some say the race changes their lives.  I say that if you are out there, your life is already pretty good.  Your'e LIVING it! Well done to all the finishers.  You're all AMAZING!!        
Journey to Mount Elbrus
The Biggun!! 3 years in the making, shed load of money spent, boats repaired, turbos blown, blown backwards... this trip (trips!) had it all.  Would I do it all again? Hell yeah!! One world record in the bag and memories to last a lifetime.

Cycled from the Uk to Bulgaria
Rowed From Burgas in Bulgaria to Batumi in Georgia across the Black Sea!
Climbed one of the Seven Summits; Mount Elbrus in Russia!   

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John O'Groats to Lands End 
In 2008 Andy forster and I took on the classic ride from the northern tip of Scotland to the toe of England, John O'groats.  We did the ride in eight and a half days.  We faced wind and rain with a fair few punctures and a massive 153 miles day because of a wrong turn!  We cheated to some extent as jason Cunningham drove our support car and we stayed in Fire Stations along the way.  It was my first proper long distance cycle and I loved it, despite the anti-climax of John O'Groats!! "Can we go home now?" said Jason who stood next the van slowly clapping us in.      
First Times and cupcakes 
In late 2010 we were sat on Clearwater beach in Florida and my mind, as usual, was wandering (I don't do well just sitting on a beach!).  I was musing over what we had done on our holiday and realised that we had done something new everyday so far on that holiday.  "Right!" I declared "I'm going to see if I can do something new, something i've never done before everyday for a year!"  Lou gave me the equivilant of "thats nice dear".
From shooting guns to perming my hair the year rumbled on.  It was difficult at times with a lack of money, time or inspiration but the project was a succes in that it became less about the big exciting and sensational things, and more about how, without realising it, we often do actually achieve that 'new thing'.  It may only be small or even boring, but we are all 'experiencing life' and growing. We just don't always realise it.

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Kayak the Ardeche river
As watch outings go, this was an epic one!  little flight over to france, camped, collected the kayaks, survived the rapids, tombestoning, lightening storm, capsizes and a night with no tent under a table.  Seond day finishing off the river, scambled up a 'mountain' and camped again.  Next day fly home in time for England on TV!  Cracking few days away in a spectacular place with a cracking watch:Wokingham Whites circa 2014. 

From left to right; James Hunt, Me, Adam 'Chef' Rushworth, Rudy Gallagher and Tim Weekes.
Rome Marathon
Bear Grylls Ultimate Survivor
Oxfam Emergency Challenge (Winners!)
Tough Guy
Tough Mudder Half
Bracknell Half Marathon
Bookham 10k
Bracknell Santa Dash